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Our Products

Building Materials

Mugdha Global is involved in the export of building materials across different destinations. We export fire rated doors and GI junction boxes which are used in the construction. Our fire rated doors are best rated for its fire safety and high quality of GI junction boxes can be used under the floors and ceilings. Our experts perform careful handling and transport operations of these materials

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors are especially designed to avoid the fire to spread from one compartment or room to another. We export finest fire rated doors to foreign countries. We maintain high quality and standards for these doors and during their export.

GI Junction Box

The GI junction box are made from galvanized iron and used for electrical fittings in ceilings, under floors or concealed behind access panel. They are used in residential and commercial buildings. We export these high quality boxes at different destinations.


At Mugdha Global export professional team perform export operations of chemicals to selective destinations. Chemicals like Bakelite powder is being exported to countries like United Kingdom, Srilanka, Japan, Bangladesh, South Africa, and across the Europe. Our professionals take absolute care while handling and transport of these chemicals and make sure that they reach within time.

Bakelite Powder

Bakelite powder is a thermosetting plastic made from synthetic components and used for electrical non conductivity and heat resistant in radio, telephone and other electrical appliances. Our exporter team exports this powder to required countries.

Trailer Axles & Parts

Mugdha Global is involved in the export of automobile spares to sourced destinations. Our team performs exports of trailer axle without transmission to countries like UK, Japan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Srilanka and European countries. The build quality of the truck axle to be exported is up to the best.

Trailer Axle/Dead Axle

A dead axle, is not part of the drivetrain, but is instead independently rotated. Dead axles are majorly found in heavy-long trailer & long tanker serving the same function. This dead axle is also called as trailer axle, lazy axle, dummy axle.


Geotextiles are permeable fabrics and are made from polypropylene. They are used as soil separators, filtration and drainage and as reinforcement material. Mugdha Global perform export operations of these geotextiles which are of best quality and standards. They export non-woven and HDPE geomembrane to various countries.

Nonwoven Geotextile

These Geotextile fabrics are multipurpose and mainly used for separation and filtration. Our export professionals provide finest and reliable non-woven geotextile fabrics for export to various destinations.

HPDE Geomembrane

They are high density polyethylene geomembrane lines that are used in multitude of secondary containments, pond linings and water containment projects. Mugdha team provides these geomembrane liners for export effectively.

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